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You found us! A baby vineyard, growing fast, with acres of vigorous vines, pampered paw paws, and pastures of friendly critters. All overlooking an 80 acre farm sitting atop the Dahlonega Plateau.

We’ve been digging in the dirt since 2020, clearing pastoral views, plowing and planting, and removing mounds of old cars and rusted relics of days gone by. The good news is that we are almost done with the heavy lifting and our vines are rooting and growing towards the high wire. These photos tell a part of the story.

With a little famer luck and godspeed we’ll be opening the gates of

Doghobble Vineyard & Farm in the spring of 2023

for a sneak peak. To be the first to know, leave us your email address. We hope to see you soon!


Sometimes called “drooping leucothoe” or “fetterbush,” is one of the most common shrubs in the Southern mountains, especially in the Blue Ridge portions of North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia. Highland doghobble flourishes in the shade in acidic soils alongside streams and on mountainsides in higher elevations. Its long arching branches often cover entire slopes in association with rosebay rhododendron and mountain laurel.

The arching branches are doghobble’s primary claim to fame. These often root at their tips, creating an extensive tangle that can be all but impenetrable. A black bear fleeing hunting dogs will intuitively head for a doghobble tangle situated on a steep slope, where it can easily be bound, severely impeded by the rooted branches and sharp leaves.


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